Blueberries the Superfood that can boost you brainpower

Are Blueberries the ‘Kind of Superfoods’ you bettya. Blueberries contain higher antioxidant levels than just about every other fruit & vegetable, they are low in calories & high in nutrition.  The latest research on the horizon shows promising evidence that drinking blueberry juice can improve cognitive function, blood flow to the brain and activation of brain areas linked with cognitive function with evidence showing an improvement in in working memory as well – Woohoo who doesn’t need this!  The gorgeous colour of these superfruits are the real hero, the Anthocyanins a phytochemical which is what makes the blue, red & purple colours in blueberries, rich in antioxidants blueberries may help with protecting brain cells from damage & the change the way our neurons in the brain communicate in pathways involved with information and cell survival & can improve mood.  New research also reveals “significant ” positive effects on the brain of primary school children & its evident that blueberries are able to protect against oxidative stress and inflammation in aging & cognitive deficits.




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